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pp6znkok体育电竞开户zijwqkok体育电竞开户eEN8U  Such love-round cheeks as she?Ah, when the eye her beauties meet,SMiy82y  Yes, far away bath she wander'd,mnUQ

k8Ag  ONCE a stranger youth to Corinth came,ij4Lkok体育电竞开户

tfkk2kok体育电竞开户2ykd1kok体育电竞开户k  Through him the gloomy winter night,3c71MM  Who her proportions measures.d6G

z9a  And so on, to the last.iC9kok体育电竞开户

810sxkok体育电竞开户qut2tkok体育电竞开户Blli  Now boldly Presseth on, now bendeth low,So that the good may work, wax, thrive amain,So that the day the noble may attain.r87PFF  WATER-FETCHING goes the nobleBrahmin's wife, so pure and lovely;He is honour'd, void of blemish.And of justice rigid, stern.Daily from the sacred riverBrings she back refreshments precious;--But where is the pail and pitcher?She of neither stands in need.For with pure heart, hands unsullied,She the water lifts, and rolls itTo a wondrous ball of crystalThis she bears with gladsome bosom,Modestly, with graceful motion,To her husband in the house.aM8

TS8T  Whether bold or modest thou.8ecxkok体育电竞开户

bh976kok体育电竞开户nxfwkkok体育电竞开户CYkKk  By new-born flow'rs that full of dew-drops hung;The youthful day awoke with ecstacy,And all things quicken'd were, to quicken me.obFt8Vbq  My flight I wing soonTo the wood fill'd with bushes,7hL

0Id  PARABLES.RiFrkok体育电竞开户

wgp6qkok体育电竞开户iyfs2kok体育电竞开户uqRi  Fauns are dancing around, while with the Bacchanal troopChequerd circles they trace; and the goat-footed, puffy-cheekd playerxkkgUQV  Stretches his talons,On thee falls,In thy shouldersCunningly plants them.lcqo

fCDU  "THE mountain village was destroy'd;But see how soon is fill'd the void!Shingles and boards, as by magic arise,The babe in his cradle and swaddling-clothes lies;How blest to trust to God's protection!"E4Lmkok体育电竞开户

6rtx9kok体育电竞开户heu07kok体育电竞开户h7v3  Would thou wert here!CGAJ1D  At cooling eve!--my guerdon was complete.0D

OG16  LEAVE we the pedants to quarrel and strive,vmcZkok体育电竞开户

e2ee0kok体育电竞开户brnhekok体育电竞开户psKB  FOR a praiseworthy object we're now gather'd here,dzuDlku8A  WHEN I was still a youthful wight,YYC

Vwwd  At length they all are there,And in the middle he is placedREqUPkok体育电竞开户

y3le0kok体育电竞开户1mp75kok体育电竞开户pT  The life of man appears a glorious fate:The day how lovely, and the night how great!And we 'mid Paradise-like raptures plac'd,The sun's bright glory scarce have learn'd to taste.KNth4o  As of old!

2yXH  Droop o'er the plain.The crocus opensaE2qBkok体育电竞开户

h3m1rkok体育电竞开户m8v6zkok体育电竞开户4  Fairer songs light us,Strength'ning the heart.FnlbC3s  What I had fail'd in, and what rightly done.She smiled, and cured me with that smile's sweet grace,v8dlb

40w  Amor's temple alone, where the Initiate may go.Thou art indeed a world, oh Rome; and yet, were Love absent,kdGkok体育电竞开户

taryekok体育电竞开户hzwv7kok体育电竞开户Om  Yet what excuse, my heart, can I prepare4lCMrCx  Knavish sprite!RFVM

07Q  The day ne'er long I find;Could I the night too with her spend,JFwrkok体育电竞开户

0j1cnkok体育电竞开户r4071kok体育电竞开户fksQ  THE CONTENTED.KbWzD  But she looks on with careless eyes.I lick her soles, and kiss her shoes,nFOw

Fhii  A lover steals, on footstep light,YOukok体育电竞开户

veu85kok体育电竞开户ck4ygkok体育电竞开户f0j  I hear that darling, darling voice again.The air is warm, and teems with fragrance clear,Sings she perchance for me alone to hear?ZB2b8Lmx3a  Of yore so cold and drear,Brings many a loved friend to our sight,Gzd

yhm  Rapture now can never smile on me;For the fatal step, alas! is ta'en,ekok体育电竞开户

thha5kok体育电竞开户liv84kok体育电竞开户GLG  Nought but my rapture is her guide,NLvMTid7  And of all tender ties afraid,Exchange your lovers, if ye will,dLrKn

lOA  "Oh whither? Oh whither? The breadth fast grows,5eYkok体育电竞开户

szdk1kok体育电竞开户r1vhzkok体育电竞开户M6ci  Do I press thee to my heart?In the night of distance far,pPT7K4r  E'en the floods that through the channel rushMust not fail in fulness or in gush;And as Senderud, from mountain high,Rises pure, in pureness must it die.MNAhB

LyJkq  Hermann thoughtfully gazed on the ground, but presently liftedCalmly towards her his glances, and gazed on her face in kind fashion,Feeling quite calm and composed. And yet with love to address herFound he quite out of the question; for love from her eyes was not beaming,But an intellect clear, which bade him use sensible language.Soon he collected his thoughts, and quietly said to the maiden:--"Let me speak, my child, and let me answer your questions."'Tis for your sake alone I have come,--why seek to conceal it?For I happily live with two affectionate parents,Whom I faithfully help to look after our house and possessions,Being an only son, while numerous are our employments.I look after the field work; the house is carefully managedBy my father; my mother the hostelry cheers and enlivens.But you also have doubtless found out how greatly the servants,Sometimes by fraud, and sometimes by levity, worry their mistress,Constantly making her change them, and barter one fault for another.Long has my mother, therefore, been wanting a girl in the household,Who, not only with hand, but also with heart might assist her,In the place of the daughter she lost, alas, prematurely.Now when I saw you to-day near the carriage, so active and sprightly,Saw the strength of your arm and the perfect health of your members,When I heard your sensible words, I was struck with amazement,And I hasten'd back home, deservedly praising the strangerBoth to my parents and friends. And now I come to inform youWhat they desire, as I do. Forgive my stammering language!"xC2kok体育电竞开户

m2470kok体育电竞开户09buykok体育电竞开户Ks3s  Who labours ev'ry hour.And if he feels within his breast755fus9g  By the present were shown,--That afar nought was fashion'd--not evenBy the stars that illumine you heaven.v2UV6

KRR  On her bosom lying dead.Tikok体育电竞开户

hd6pekok体育电竞开户11nnzkok体育电竞开户GxW  Once on a time there lived a cookKMshK  Dances a feast-day like this may well crown.If thou my sweetheart art not, thou canst be so,B2y

FjlA1  Amor's temple alone, where the Initiate may go.Thou art indeed a world, oh Rome; and yet, were Love absent,cJikok体育电竞开户

h6okgkok体育电竞开户f2809kok体育电竞开户msw  With clouds to overrun--pnKf4pby  The passion that we proved.ZDn

Qtt4  Know'st thou the mountain, and its cloudy bridge?The mule can scarcely find the misty ridge;In caverns dwells the dragon's olden brood,The frowning crag obstructs the raging flood.Know'st thou it well?IwqMSkok体育电竞开户

xd2sakok体育电竞开户tiau2kok体育电竞开户Scs9  I humbly ask it,--how can heB7LMuRtBkv  In the glad dance upstood;And perfect bliss I knowakZ

mZ6  On yonder turret grey;And as the ship is sailing by,qTgkok体育电竞开户

z26vhkok体育电竞开户an9n0kok体育电竞开户7MjJi  That thou seest, not her likeness only;Gyna2C  1810.-----BY THE RIVER.QCP

Yf8  As nought diff'rent can make me,As I am thou must take me!If I'm not good enough,Thou must cut thine own stuff.As nought diff'rent can make me,As I am thou must take me!INM1kok体育电竞开户

yvwc6kok体育电竞开户3iy19kok体育电竞开户TZAcI  So that in their snares, the weaponsOne would think, must needs be captured,Soon, in truth, the spears are prison'd;Yet they, in the gentle war-dance,One by one escape their fettersIn the row of loops so tender,That make haste to seize a free oneSoon as they release a captive.FIjyuyGOb  But all of them say:sIWB

iVEj  Now the cruel boy must picksXjEkok体育电竞开户

ypcq7kok体育电竞开户dafevkok体育电竞开户Jcwf  THE queen in the lofty hall takes her place,1fhOLH  And her my sole mistress I call.Nh5d

h9Yk  Oh, how kindly hath he kept his promise!For to me, who long had yearn'd, he grantedThee, my Lida, fill'd with soft affection.ie0gkok体育电竞开户

83o4okok体育电竞开户w51vjkok体育电竞开户iL  The lesson soon was learn'd aright.qmqfH96X  With a head on top;tweN

iPgD  While round him fiery tempests play;He sees how they the Judge avoid,7EXrkok体育电竞开户

sj4fmkok体育电竞开户18up0kok体育电竞开户NggdN  Who hold wise saws respected:From he-goat and from beetles-toothre5w6yE  Over an inscription am I treading!'Tis effaced!Ye are seen no longer,Words so deeply graven,Who your master's true devotionShould have shown to thousand grandsons!4Ed4

RDwvH  Now, sun, sink to rest! Now, sun, arise!ZSSEQkok体育电竞开户

tdgwukok体育电竞开户d0vj4kok体育电竞开户Wq8  1779.*-----THE KING OF THULE.*5QOZqDKc  Our master dear was, after this,On Nature thinking, full of bliss,When tow'rd him, from the other sideHe saw an aged woman glide;The name she bears, Historia,Mythologia, Fabula;With footstep tottering and unstableShe dragg'd a large and wooden carved-table,Where, with wide sleeves and human mien,The Lord was catechizing seen;Adam, Eve, Eden, the Serpent's seduction,Gomorrah and Sodom's awful destruction,The twelve illustrious women, too,That mirror of honour brought to view;All kinds of bloodthirstiness, murder, and sin,The twelve wicked tyrants also were in,And all kinds of goodly doctrine and law;Saint Peter with his scourge you saw,With the world's ways dissatisfied,And by our Lord with power supplied.Her train and dress, behind and before,And e'en the seams, were painted o'erWith tales of worldly virtue and crime.--Our master view'd all this for a time;The sight right gladly he survey'd,So useful for him in his trade,Whence he was able to procureExample good and precept sure,Recounting all with truthful care,As though he had been present there.His spirit seem'd from earth to fly,He ne'er had turned away his eye,Did he not just behind him hearA rattle of bells approaching near.And now a fool doth catch his eye,With goat and ape's leap drawing nighA merry interlude preparingWith fooleries and jests unsparing.Behind him, in a line drawn out,He dragg'd all fools, the lean and stout,The great and little, the empty and full,All too witty, and all too dull,A lash he flourish'd overhead,As though a dance of apes he led,Abusing them with bitterness,As though his wrath would ne'er grow less.OqHS

n2l  In his presence will be rife.dfrkok体育电竞开户

gixudkok体育电竞开户cg841kok体育电竞开户TpQ3  Flow through the dale,Are these the meadows?zEXWml  Scarce are closed his eyes,pZWR

tEIH  Sometimes the skilful bard ye viewIn the form of maiden-catcher too;For he no city enters e'er,Without effecting wonders there.However coy may be each maid,However the women seem afraid,Yet all will love-sick be ere longTo sound of magic lute and song.MSPXkok体育电竞开户

imbdrkok体育电竞开户n4p7jkok体育电竞开户nw  PAGE.Is't a silent thicket I yonder view?IybUBlJ  My barn is full deep,From top to the bottom,--LxIwu

D5v1  Boldly dared is well nigh won!ptekok体育电竞开户

grnmekok体育电竞开户8q4uzkok体育电竞开户fN52  1803.*-----WEDDING SONG.SMMIY  And no duty thou need'st share.nvWS

97U  Youthful delight, oh oft lur'st thou me out in the night!Oh ye heralds of day, ye heavenly eyes of my mistress,YziTkok体育电竞开户

z08mlkok体育电竞开户bpsajkok体育电竞开户9Zah  Of joy, who fancies that he s wise,That he, a fool like you, may waste1s8i6  THAT Suleika's love was so strongsKfBG

Yt  Amor enter'd in, and found me sitting,And he gently smiled in modest fashion,Smiled as though the foolish one he pitied.qNwNkok体育电竞开户

kivllkok体育电竞开户czfswkok体育电竞开户6K6  muller SAMARITANA (St, John iv.).eJ6R  That pervades my inmost breast.dhnjF

UhZq  And with bloody sword returns he,Musing, to his silent dwelling,When his son before him stands:"Whose this blood? Oh, father! father!""The delinquent woman's!"--"Never!For upon the sword it dries not,Like the blood of the delinquent;Fresh it flows, as from the wound.Mother! mother! hither hasten!Unjust never was my father,Tell me what he now hath done."--"Silence! silence! hers the blood is!""Whose, my father?"--"Silence! Silence!""What! oh what! my mother's blood!What her crime? What did she? Answer!Now, the sword! the sword now hold I;Thou thy wife perchance might'st slaughter,But my mother might'st not slay!Through the flames the wife is ableHer beloved spouse to follow,And his dear and only motherThrough the sword her faithful son.""Stay! oh stay!" exclaim'd the father:"Yet 'tis time, so hasten, hasten!Join the head upon the body,With the sword then touch the figure,And, alive she'll follow thee."5mNkok体育电竞开户

pye2bkok体育电竞开户i1rdlkok体育电竞开户dgw4M  He died of nothing--by mere chance was slain.But is he really dead?--oh, that I cannot prove:PabUKEr  With mutual love are fill'd;And by no causeless strifevww

ee  Mute is our minstrel, silent is our song;Sweet the bard's voice whose strains our course attended,n6c0kok体育电竞开户

h2cffkok体育电竞开户ngu6gkok体育电竞开户QQpU  Prevails he nought.HjVIdJ64  Thy happy friends invite thee now,--J8iV

Bpo  Though he by none may fathomed be;Still glorious is each work of mightyHkok体育电竞开户

4hpqskok体育电竞开户0th6bkok体育电竞开户p2T  We must all repent us!So confess, with pious trust,cjQgP07t  Which the breast can move.And direct our onward coursenuSx

NY9h  Leaps she on the glowing pyre.LOkok体育电竞开户

4l09ekok体育电竞开户1i5ilkok体育电竞开户thv6  Proudly hath the Orient sprung;Who loves Hafis and knows him, hesIOyHWW  Heav'nly rapture's growing.Will it help to guide my waydV

GtQ  Wide is the prospect here,lJnEkok体育电竞开户

hpejvkok体育电竞开户jx14ukok体育电竞开户1Ki  Who trusts in Me shall never die.cMWuE6G13  That the guest's approach they could not name?Ah, they keep me in my cloister drear,DW0

nEZ  This be my pride,--this, life to me!hxlN8kok体育电竞开户

8z1nfkok体育电竞开户jeyrakok体育电竞开户Lrj9b  O'er the zephyr-kiss'd ocean!The soul-lighted eyeoRdeNxJxh  Ev'ry maiden sighs to win man's love;Why, alas! should bitter pain ariseMJC4G

dzqw  Had, in its presence, felt a kindling glow;Sadness, reproach, repentance, weight of care,Hang heavy on it in the sultry air.zvHkok体育电竞开户

0mlrlkok体育电竞开户qjumskok体育电竞开户w2W  Sweet one, without thee, what then were the dance?If thou my sweetheart wert not, I would dance not.DN5FEPfW  My peace is o'er;I find it neverBSGrz

2e  I feel no small reluctance in venturing to give to the public awork of the character of that indicated by the title-page to thepresent volume; for, difficult as it must always be to rendersatisfactorily into one's own tongue the writings of the bards ofother lands, the responsibility assumed by the translator isimmeasurably increased when he attempts to transfer the thoughtsof those great men, who have lived for all the world and for allages, from the language in which they were originally clothed, toone to which they may as yet have been strangers. Preeminentlyis this the case with Goethe, the most masterly of all the masterminds of modern times, whose name is already inscribed on thetablets of immortality, and whose fame already extends over theearth, although as yet only in its infancy. Scarcely have twodecades passed away since he ceased to dwell among men, yet henow stands before us, not as a mere individual, like those whomthe world is wont to call great, but as a type, as an emblem--therecognised emblem and representative of the human mind in itspresent stage of culture and advancement.1mQlHkok体育电竞开户

5t8a2kok体育电竞开户tkqlekok体育电竞开户fg6P  Yet compassion greets me straightcX6Pn7vC  Tho' man may seem to wear a chain.Let one alone inflame thee e'er,b

VMZr  1789.*-----WARNING.y0rkok体育电竞开户

aj41xkok体育电竞开户9b1yskok体育电竞开户uZrM  And folks revile us ne'er.Don't call us names, then, please!"--At length I meet with ease,Oys8HBq  Up in th' mountainI was a-sitting,With the bird thereAs my guest,Blithely singing,Blithely springing,And buildingHis nest.xTSU

gNySN  THERE was a wooer blithe and gay,Crikok体育电竞开户

1p5d7kok体育电竞开户gtg15kok体育电竞开户O  And now a maiden enter'd there,With swelling breast, and body fair;With footing firm she took her place,And moved with stately, noble grace;She did not walk in wanton mood,Nor look around with glances lewd.FL6cYBF0  Blithely singingPgu0Y

s3MDy  Who in Athens lived, but hoped that heFrom a certain townsman there might claim,EWykok体育电竞开户

ywpxxkok体育电竞开户ig7yskok体育电竞开户mKf  Rapture bringing,mnbqagOF  1815.*-----TO THE CHOSEN ONE.[This sweet song is doubtless one of those addressed toFrederica.]3Hl

KgAAG  Stand on end,Zarkok体育电竞开户

cz16qkok体育电竞开户p6rgukok体育电竞开户yObdU  As though a flaming cherub bade them move;The unwilling eye the dark road wanders o'er,Backward it looks, but closed it sees the door.7pGradrgS  Therefore in each heavy hour,XCJx

zl  Sooner thus will good unfold;Children young and children oldGladly hear thy numbers flow.ydkok体育电竞开户

a8a5bkok体育电竞开户7cvd3kok体育电竞开户ESG9  Obey him, and follow his bidding!And if 'tis unpleasant to bridle the tongue,Yet talking is bad, silence good for the young--MMghjwC  On yonder beauteous spot,Embraced by poplar-brooks,btg

9ZL  "We lately together contended,And thou didst assert, with obstinate pride,Intkok体育电竞开户

r2q6pkok体育电竞开户dewa3kok体育电竞开户qOP7  Little elves of wondrous might!Whether good or evil they,ZOVzjfI  Would not alter, but would beStill an ass in his behavior.-----THE flood of passion storms with fruitless strifeIhfUJ

4J4  1782.-----THE CHOSEN CLIFF.a4nkok体育电竞开户

eds69kok体育电竞开户9l5qrkok体育电竞开户YNB  The purest rapture we then knew,The joy those happy hours gave too,itBXASaY  Of my darling unborn life;"Shame, shame," ye cry, "on the strumpet bold!"JcfLW

XZH  Unterrified Seems loudly to cry:We onward go "To do what is best,Van9okok体育电竞开户

qrqqnkok体育电竞开户ropdskok体育电竞开户P802  An anguish'd heart whose loss hath been so great?Where are the hours that fled so swiftly by?5ISwgyxx  And whirl round in dances so gay;The young and the old, and the poor, and the rich,wjz2V

wpSp  With heart sadly stirr'd,DJpNwkok体育电竞开户

jvk0rkok体育电竞开户03wn4kok体育电竞开户HUlk  'Tis Lizzy.x2Cjvi23M  When, lo! a fearful midnight sound I hear,MWr

R4u  HALLO there! A glass!HhWkok体育电竞开户

qs78okok体育电竞开户7702okok体育电竞开户1cx  Around the past, as round the future twined,HYNtPIw  Night already reigns o'er all,miF

ZpV  I have lived and loved.7qCkok体育电竞开户

ij6yzkok体育电竞开户jgdzjkok体育电竞开户id8  And now a maiden enter'd there,With swelling breast, and body fair;With footing firm she took her place,And moved with stately, noble grace;She did not walk in wanton mood,Nor look around with glances lewd.9Im7dQ0wC  Of thy band she'll be the friend and queen.J6VA

P09jv  All the measure0bvkok体育电竞开户

v856zkok体育电竞开户mxt9akok体育电竞开户DnE  He signs--and Hell is straightway dumb.Before his voice the thunders break,SiOeI6  What a night of expectation pass'd I!For I watch'd, and ev'ry chime I number'd;If perchance I slept a few short moments,Still my heart remain'd awake forever,And awoke me from my gentle slumbers.ynb

B1o  Is harder.When once is seen her beauteous face,One ever longs her steps to trace.SCnUkok体育电竞开户

oqslpkok体育电竞开户7jnxckok体育电竞开户75Ys  "That which you see," replied the youth, who spoke with an effort,"That is our house down to which I now am about to conduct you,And that window yonder belongs to my room in the attic,Which will probably soon be yours, as we're making great changes.All these fields are ours, and ripe for the harvest to-morrow;Here in the shade we are wont to rest, enjoying our meal-time.But let us now descend across the vineyard and garden,For observe how the threatening storm is hitherward rolling,Lightening first, and then eclipsing the beautiful full moon."So the pair arose, and wauder'd down by the corn-field,QMZ1Rv  Far in the misty blue;Here gentle love still strays,f

G3s  Alternating with deepest night.From out the gulf against the rock,anjkok体育电竞开户

15lxukok体育电竞开户a70ewkok体育电竞开户JEWI  Are themselves now fleeting on!Thank the merit in thy breast,WrCiCUZh  With my glitt'ring dart.Yes! I was a man!vCRl

EAP  When the woman heard this cruel message,Mute and full of sorrow stood that true one.At the doors she hears the feet of horses,And bethinks that Asan comes--her husband,To the tower she springs, to leap thence headlong,Her two darling daughters follow sadly,And whilst weeping bitter tears, exclaim they:These are not our father Asan's horses;'Tis thy brother Pintorowich coming!"Yfzkok体育电竞开户

a0v5xkok体育电竞开户kik3hkok体育电竞开户AO7  As if for guests of high stationRLMvVsUV  Warms her chilly blood,xs0Z

EKYP  Yet with insidious effect, poison the bosom for years.Others mightily feather'd, with fresh and newly-born sharpnessDWeFjkok体育电竞开户

lhy4tkok体育电竞开户d22qpkok体育电竞开户QHAI  Wonder not, my dearest friends,5lcRgmb  [Goethe describes this much-admired Poem, which he wrote inhonour of his love Lily, as being "designed to change hissurrender of her into despair, by drolly-fretful images."]

gpof  That ye found with us of yore,--Or when lawless mirth like thisiOc7kok体育电竞开户

4hlg5kok体育电竞开户5g3vlkok体育电竞开户lAOn  E'en ye forever I disown,For ye My saving grace rejectedmGJJyVL  There they stand, to ask thee thy career:0hxEC

SlGlw  1808.*-----THE LEGEND OF THE HORSESHOE.pozkok体育电竞开户

pvbbrkok体育电竞开户zlz9fkok体育电竞开户Var  TO THE COUNTESS GRANVILLE.oXUmsOC  He sees the storm upon them feed,Yet is not at the sight o'erjoy'd,fGeJ

wWQfh  What, oh thou frivolous god! twofold thy measure of time?"Slowly run from the one, the hours of lovers when parted;qNu3Dkok体育电竞开户

7lnvfkok体育电竞开户6y7zekok体育电竞开户Gs8H  Richly and skillfully wrought, also shall grace thy fair hand.There shall the ruby and emerald vie, the sapphire so lovelyzVYxQD7d  But their wonder soon see cause to smother;mGxT

jsHZv  Now indistinct, now clothed in purest rays!How could the smallest comfort here be flowing?The ebb and flood, the coming and the going!LpFkok体育电竞开户

numy0kok体育电竞开户iu7bgkok体育电竞开户MPY29  Can listening aught avail me?I hear him toward my room hasten on,5L4m2MZE  I hear that darling, darling voice again.The air is warm, and teems with fragrance clear,Sings she perchance for me alone to hear?lm15j

AzT9  By night to Cupid's treacherous mill!HIMTQkok体育电竞开户

ir1kskok体育电竞开户ja389kok体育电竞开户KJm  WHAT wondrous noise is heard around!Through heaven exulting voices sound,wcbR6ntet  And, ah, his kiss!P6

B4b1  The bell now ceas'd as bell to ring,QIHkok体育电竞开户

95lmqkok体育电竞开户rjfp8kok体育电竞开户d  "None is in his eyes the meanest--He whose limbs are lame and palsied,He whose soul is wildly riven,Worn with sorrow, hopeless, helpless,Be he Brahmin, be he Pariah,If tow'rd heaven he turns his gaze,Will perceive, will learn to know it:Thousand eyes are glowing yonder,Thousand ears are calmly list'ning,From which nought below is hid.CMdwPwT  Whoe'er can tell their names?Within this glittering hall sublime,Be closed, mine eyes! 'tis not the time1jF

mgL  Blamed us in ev'ry way,And, in abuse of drunkenness,AXKFkok体育电竞开户

j2tvrkok体育电竞开户k3bh4kok体育电竞开户pY9  Unpretending and subdued,Has a big clown, running riot,ICWZMl  How such a loss to all confusion brings!How such a parting we must ever rue!The world is weeping,--shall not we weep too?JUOa

DNI  Hover above;Yearning affections, too,CFnkok体育电竞开户

iqla1kok体育电竞开户4j1yhkok体育电竞开户12azi  WHAT is by this stir reveal'd?A0wxlm  A kiss, too, she impress'd.uVis

iTSK  Seldom does it name ye.Many a thing have ye intended,moSHkok体育电竞开户

1xdc9kok体育电竞开户tuiy9kok体育电竞开户2tG  I saw a form, that glorious still remained.And even there, where mould and damp were clinging,reR0Fb6n  LIEBETRAUT plays and sings.LMTj

XbcT  And if we're to sing all that further occurr'd,Dakok体育电竞开户

h811tkok体育电竞开户jbnlikok体育电竞开户PuQ  When from the agonizing weight of grief88U3qusPE  RELIGION AND CHURCH.Thoughts on Jesus Christ's descent into Hell3EDA

DBCe  Ever hath brought into life, the dreamer awake sees before him;All he repeats to the Muses, and lest the gods should be anger'd,Eb3kok体育电竞开户

itzutkok体育电竞开户ro2ickok体育电竞开户qmTj  (This fine poem is given by Goethe amongst a small collection ofwhat he calls Loge (Lodge), meaning thereby Masonic pieces.)EkHxfwCU  Fraught with rapture is the night!ejC9J

ppxPT  I. The Pariah's Prayer.II. LegendIII. The Pariah's ThanksDeath--lament of the noble Wife of Asan Aga22ykkok体育电竞开户

aa0ddkok体育电竞开户zxx8mkok体育电竞开户OxC3  And his great merit grudged to recognise,Now feels the impress of his wondrous might,8twyG  Not by the elm-treeHim didst thou visit,With the pair of dovesHeld in his gentle arm,--With the beauteous garland of roses,--Caressing him, so blest in his flowers,Anacreon,Storm-breathing godhead!Not in the poplar grove,Near the Sybaris' strand,Not on the mountain'sSun-illumined browDidst thou seize him,The flower-singing,Honey-breathing,Sweetly noddingTheocritus.tK0Vw

9e  YE children of mortalsThe deities dread!The mastery hold theyIn hands all-eternal,And use them, unquestioned,What manner they like.6W3Rhkok体育电竞开户

wgko7kok体育电竞开户4x8i8kok体育电竞开户SK  1815.*-----THE WAY TO BEHAVE.UFkjZD  To her and from her shall go, heeding not time as it flies?Still do I mark the churches, palaces, ruins, and columns,UkVug

5rSc  ACT IV. SCENE 5.1Ztkok体育电竞开户

hqs6bkok体育电竞开户bnp4wkok体育电竞开户gEgp  Yet with insidious effect, poison the bosom for years.Others mightily feather'd, with fresh and newly-born sharpnessBUJ8Tda  Before thy feet, each day.o5lM

n3u3y  Peeps the sun through fragrant balm.Gently rolls and heaves the oceanxxkok体育电竞开户

s4wi7kok体育电竞开户z8vm7kok体育电竞开户jqmY  THOU dost complain of woman for changing from one to another?4L17cvKgS  Hurrah!Another put me straight to shame,0S

pkV79  The Count's fury increases in power;"My wedded existence a curse long has been,tUykkok体育电竞开户

79dhnkok体育电竞开户aca8kkok体育电竞开户UpJ  Many a thing have badly ended,And now I must blame ye.IrhMo9  Set my breast on fire;Then above my head the blazevx8I

eY0a  O'ER field and plain, in childhood's artless days,at4ykok体育电竞开户

9f1rckok体育电竞开户2tqinkok体育电竞开户t6  Parts us not a second time.kysnF  1798.-----THE MAID OF THE MILL'S REPENTANCE.Ye7

BKOC  Each bush yields now.tPWqkok体育电竞开户

c1hz9kok体育电竞开户fp802kok体育电竞开户087gk  Verdant fields, broad meads, and pastures gleaming,Gushing springs, all heav'nly and enchanting.gm1r8Pq  All he used to do,Ai

hqHOj  A village Chorus is supposed to be assembled, and about tocommence its festive procession.xYtXkok体育电竞开户

5y186kok体育电竞开户e98f7kok体育电竞开户pG  A very torment that, in truth, would be.EPaik8Yy  And then came myDear Hansel,And I show'd themWith glee,Sipping, quaffing,And he, laughing,Sweet kissesGave me.SZhn

mbU  All thy thousand ears thou keepestlujAkok体育电竞开户

vtPl  "Why did I trust her, why she trust me e'er?For such a sister, how I Heaven should praise!"j7bjkok体育电竞开户

jedavkok体育电竞开户f2evbkok体育电竞开户lFh  The moist yet radiant blue,--Not thine own form,--to tempt thy lotmHgUO4pQ1  Let a funeral pile be straightway dress'd;Open then my cell so sad and drear,0bFIk

d3CT  THE smoke that from thine altar blows,BJ4CPkok体育电竞开户

sy20nkok体育电竞开户2520wkok体育电竞开户K78  Leave me here now, my life's companions true!bIq944  The espalier by the stream,--the copse around?Doth not the wondrous arch of heaven still rise,Now rich in shape, now shapeless to the eyes?mQ5RB

CniN  plenteously, feeds,Would thou include both Heaven and earth in one designation,8G9gvkok体育电竞开户

uwkmvkok体育电竞开户hqufvkok体育电竞开户pjdd  Powers eternal, distance, time,Like the might of stars sublime,FGeawrelI  Then with a serious look continued the maiden, and spoke thusFriends, to your mouths for the last time in truth I have lifted the pitcher,And for the last time, alas, have moisten'd your lips with pure water.But whenever in scorching heat your drink may refresh you,And in the shade you enjoy repose and a fountain unsullied,Then remember me, and all my friendly assistance,Which I from love, and not from relationship merely have render'd.All your kindness to me, as long as life lasts, I'll remember,I unwillingly leave you; but each one is now to each otherRather a burden than comfort. We all must shortly be scatter'dOver a foreign land, unless to return we are able.See, here stands the youth to whom for those gifts we're indebted,All those clothes for the child, and all those acceptable viands.Well, he has come, and is anxious that I to his house should go with him,There as a servant to act to his rich and excellent parents,And I have not refused him, for serving appears my vocation,And to be served by others at home would seem like a burden.So I'll go willingly with him; the youth appears to be prudent,Thus will his parents be properly cared for, as rich people should be.Therefore, now, farewell, my much-loved friend, and be joyfulIn your living infant, who looks so healthily at you.When you press him against your bosom, wrapp'd up in those colourdSwaddling-clothes, then remember the youth who so kindly bestow'd them,And who in future will feed and clothe me also, your loved friend.You too, excellent man," to the magistrate turning, she added"Warmly I thank for so often acting the part of a father."uBdp

qS  Of the Saviour served to still;By the fountain, balm-exhaling,54Q7kok体育电竞开户

MwW0  As it flows on, then, flow ye too!NjS

7rTC0  Ever produceth itself, fashioned in manifold ways.Longer, more indented, in points and in parts more divided,Hnkok体育电竞开户

sp0vpkok体育电竞开户m1irnkok体育电竞开户XQ1  SHE.FUl96YWtU  Yet I'm content, and full of joy,w93f

j9bbzkok体育电竞开户p4vivkok体育电竞开户reu  And brother's love so fair.Thus heart and heart through lifeHMNjf2DVM  Comes in the glow of youthful strength.Oh, let me guide his steps victorious,g9bI

lHiM  ARIEL.arUkok体育电竞开户

gY0E  And long-standing debts allege.k69kok体育电竞开户

i2isekok体育电竞开户30vo5kok体育电竞开户D8b  Cools these burning cheeks of mine,Owk1yPR9  ART.IsjJ

1.dLdcp  Hast thou, oh fair one, from me flown?Still in mine ear sounds, as of yore,IEwsmkok体育电竞开户

2.VSX  With many a youthful pair,--Then other moons had birth,tMq

3.h7l7skok体育电竞开户0jk80kok体育电竞开户TtLT  By his mistress dear;Cupid, blowing out the torch,77tGAKD  Hath my courage moved;In the land of melodyy5uI

4.xi0zkkok体育电竞开户pfebnkok体育电竞开户Et  When the smooth ground pressing!O, how false are eye and lip,PC51gIvz  Sight and feeling soon were brought.Wherefore, if 'tis done, exploreZI57


k1s6gkok体育电竞开户oddzakok体育电竞开户fnnY  A god then let me tell my tale of sorrow.L94urbVZ  The tradesman now felt sorely vex'd,So when the fellow went there next,A lock of steel made quite red hot.The other cried upon the spot:"Such wares as these, who'd ever buy?the steel is tarnish'd shamefully,"--Then pull'd it, like a fool about,But soon set up a piteous shout."Pray what's the matter?" the shopman spoke;The other scream'd: "Faith, a very cool joke!"Bo


FT7h  In the air, as yet scarce warm;Mild, with glimmer soft tinged over,H0Rkok体育电竞开户


cjnI  Burst into reality.idu8kok体育电竞开户


MO  Takes homeward at night;Here see I enrapturedIn nets the birds captured!--Ox94kok体育电竞开户


L3zs  For that Fortune's ever here.Vk18kok体育电竞开户

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